Geometric White Vases - You Can Never Have Enough of Them!

A vase of fresh flowers on your kitchen table...

Often, simple, classic containers complement the natural beauty of the flower. A single rosebud, a bouquet of tulips, a small sprig of forget-me-knots, even branches or berries look gloriously unforgettable when placed in a chic, geometric vase.

When the shape of a vase is right, it can look just beautiful standing on its own—and more perfect when filled with flowers.


Here are two wonderful choices of white ceramic vases that deliver both a modern urban-look and a minimalist classic one.


The low square and tall rectangular vase are perfect for dining/wedding table arrangements depending on your choice for table setting height. The small square vase also serves as a container for your favorite plants. What could be prettier than several of these vases showcasing herbs in your kitchen window?

Endless opportunities await your upcoming holiday autumn/harvest and winter wonderland displays. Perfect timing to bring the flowers indoors!

White Square Ceramic Vase, $8.00

White Tall Ceramic Rectangular Vase, $12.00