Easy Spring Flowering Bulb Arrangements

Adding spring flowering bulbs to your home during the cold winter months of a new year can make you feel hopeful. The delicate petals, stunning pastel colors and seductive scents will transform your home into a scent-filled beautiful environment.


Pots of hyacinth, daffodils, tulips and crocus are a nice change from just greenery or fresh cut flowers, which you can easily have during most other seasons of the year.


The nice thing is that most nurseries, even floral departments in many stores, will be carrying lots of spring flowering bulbs through Easter. This eliminates the need to force bulbs indoors from scratch, making the process easier for you!


Right from the store, ready to transplant into your own decorative pot!

In this case, we will be using hyacinth bulbs. Simply cut away the plastic growing pot and place the plant with soil into your choice of container, making sure your pot has drainage holes. You may have to add additional soil depending on the size of pot or container you have selected.

The terracotta pot closely matched the size of the original growing pot, so there was no need to add soil. The soil in this case was moist enough, so watering was not required at the time of transplant. Once the bulbs start to bloom, you may need to water every day or two, but be careful not to over-water.


Within minutes, you have a lovely hyacinth arrangement that adds color and the promise of spring nearby.

As the bulbs grow and develop, each stage offers a unique look that is ever-changing with subtle surprises along the way.


The final blooms revealed different hyacinth shades: here a soft pink and a violet emerged. And each color is paired with its own unique fragrance, which grows stronger as the plant continues to bloom.

So much more than just pretty flowers—spring flowering bulbs in your home guarantee an early spring arrival!

Happy winter…happy spring!