Pizza Newburgh

Original Post Date: July 27, 2015

Author: Ann Stratton,
Photography: Ann Stratton

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Hmmm…where to go for pizza in Newburgh?  A few months ago I started asking this question of friends and acquaintances and, to my surprise, the answers were extremely varied.  Everyone had “their” place and there wasn’t one overall favorite among them (maybe there was, but I don’t do favorites).  I am not a connoisseur of pizza. In fact, I don’t even like pizza. So for me to do a blog piece on pizza, I had to rely solely on public opinion and my husband (of course). Why was there such diversity in pizza preferences among Newburgh-ers?

I counted 15 pizza places within the city limits of Newburgh (there may even be more that I haven’t run across). Some have been here since the beginning of time and have classic pizza choices. Others are newer and offer artisanal-style pizza. Then there are the places in between that offer a variety: Neapolitan, deep-dish, New York style, Sicilian and gourmet (think gluten-free crust). This assortment of pizza choices is the reason for the diversity, duh. Everyone has a favorite type of pizza. And, I found, they are somewhat militant about it.

Without picking a favorite (since I don’t have one), I decided to highlight a few places in Newburgh that showcase the different varieties of pizza and toppings. This list is not in any order of popularity. Please forgive me if I didn’t include your go-to place. I am sure I will get to it down the road. Also, can someone please tell me what the fascination is with ranch dressing?

Note: This is a very small sampling of what the pizzerias seen here have to offer. Of course, all of them serve more options of toppings and crusts. If you didn’t find your true-love slice here, I’m sure it’s out there. Oh yeah, I almost forgot…most of them deliver (Cafe Pitti is the exception). Buon appetito!

Stella’s Pizzeria
283 Broadway, Newburgh, NY
(845) 562-8188

J&F Pizzeria
474 Broadway, Newburgh, NY
(845) 565-3430


Cafe Pitti
40 Front St, Newburgh, NY
(845) 565-1444

Washington Heights Pizzeria
102 S Lander St, Newburgh, NY 12550
(845) 563-0388


Pizza Shop
27 Water St, Newburgh, NY
(845) 565-7467

Johnny’s Deli and Pizza
74 North St, Newburgh, NY
(845) 562-5700