The Transformation of an Historic 1800s NYC Townhouse from Start to Completion

For all of us that truly admire historic restoration and preservation, this video of the documentary film Townhouse takes you on a wonderful journey witnessing the transformation of a stunning historic NYC townhouse from early stage construction through finishes and furnishing. This work was recently completed on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, this July 2016.

Townhouse was produced by SilverLining Interiors, Inc., general contractors in Manhattan, specializing in townhouses, apartments and homes. The design team on this Townhouse project consisted of interior designer Sarah Magness of Magness Design, architect Brian E Boyle and SilverLining Interiors for the construction.

Townhouse premiered July 13, 2016 with an evening party held at Sacco Carpet in New York. The documentary follows a five-and-a-half-year process from the points of view of the architect, builder, interior designer and homeowner of the restoration of this historic home.

Set aside, if you can, about 12 minutes of your busy day to watch this video. This film offers such insight and an education on historic revitalization and conservation—a great inspiration for the vast stock of beautiful historic structures that surround us, not only in the City of New York, but right here in the Hudson Valley.