Perennials in Garden Containers Keep Things Fresh and Exciting!

Gardeners often plant annuals in containers for patios and other outdoor living spaces. Container gardening is such an integral part of garden design for it adds dimension to the outdoor living experience.

Annuals are relatively easy to manage and oversee. The selection is vast and offers an abundance of glorious colors, textures and fragrances.


To keep things fresh and exciting, you may consider planting some perennials in containers on your patio. Here the Hemerocallis (Daylily) adds a natural element with its stunning, fragrant flowers and long, linear, arched leaves. Perennials offer different options that complement the annuals and can also often be drought tolerant and require low maintenance.  

And there is more added benefit—at the end of the season, you can plant your perennials in your beds eliminating the need to over-winter your container plants. And now, you’ve added a perennial to your garden that will return annually and grace your garden for many more seasons.

Adding, switching up and changing, keeps your garden looking beautiful!