The Culinary Institute of America’s New TAVERN at American Bounty Restaurant

The new Tavern at American Bounty Restaurant at the CIA in Hyde Park, NY, is the perfect casual place to go to relax and enjoy yourself as you sip wonderful drinks and snack on savory bar food WITHOUT NEEDING A RESERVATION. You can choose from the full American Bounty menu or select from the Tavern’s menu serving delicious casual fare.

The CIA feels the TAVERN is offering the community a venue that encourages return visits without the hassle of making reservations. You can just stop by any time!

The American Bounty Restaurant’s menu focuses on the seasons and products of the Hudson Valley. Contemporary and traditional regional dishes are brought to life there in an honest and flavorful way.

Some of the specialties on the Tavern menu include: Wasabi Peas, Smoked Spiced Nuts, Grilled Vegetables, Roast Northern Atlantic Oysters, Artisanal Cheeses, Garlic Fries, Cheddar Burger, Seared Salmon Salad,  just to mention a few.

Open Tuesday–Saturday: Noon–Close
Tavern menu available: Noon–6:30 pm
American Bounty menu available: Noon–1 pm and 6–8 pm

The Tavern at American Bounty Restaurant
The Culinary Institute of America
1946 Campus Drive (Route 9)
Hyde Park, NY 12538-1499